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. . . is located in Newcastle, Maine about 50 miles northeast of Portland on coastal Route One.

Horses and Humans  - Learning Together

Gisela's emphasis lies on the partnership with the horse - only solid horsemanship and respect for the equine and its nature will result in a mutual satisfactory relationship. 

Learning  opportunities are abundant ... let's take a look at what the horses offer and we will gain a deeper understanding of our partner, the horse and ourselves. 

Gisela started vaulting as a child in her native Germany and rediscovered its benefits while developing a concept for her Therapeutic Riding Program Special Equestrians, Inc. 

Interactive vaulting is her favorite activity for group sessions. In 1998 she introduced the German concept of therapeutic vaulting, developed by A. Kroeger and C. Kluewer, to PATHIntl. (formerly NARHA) and spearheaded the development of Interactive Vaulting standards and the certification for PATHIntl. (formerly NARHA) Interactive Vaulting instructors.  

In 2008 she received the PATHIntl. (formerly NARHA) National Volunteer Leadership Award for her efforts.

In her lessons she concentrates on body awareness of the rider and correct training of the horse. She incorporates yoga, a longtime passion, which helps to overcome many physical and mental challenges.

Gisela is available to teach national and international workshops:    

  • Lungeing and Double Lungeing
  • PATHIntl. (formerly NARHA) Interactive Vaulting OWSC
  • PATHIntl. (formerly NARHA) Registered Instructor OWSC
  • Customized Interactive Vaulting Workshops & Internships


  • Masters Degree in Education
  • PACTH Qualified Instructor - Master Level
  • PATHIntl. (formerly NARHA) Interactive Vaulting Instructor & Lead Evaluator
  • PATHIntl. (formerly NARHA) Advanced Instructor & Lead Evaluator
  • FN Longierabzeichen Kl. IV (German Lungeing Certificate)
  • FN Voltigierbetreuer (German Vaulting Instructor)

Gisela served 6 years on the Board of the Equine Facilitated Mental Health Association, a section of PATHIntl. (formerly NARHA), and 2 years on the Executive Committee of The Federation of Horses in Education and Therapy International (HETI). Currently she supports HETI as its Executive Director.




The horses enjoy each other’s company on acres of pasture. 

During the winter months they live in an historic barn, renovated to its old glory.

Don, a 33 year old haflinger.


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