Interactive Vaulting and Interactive Vaulting Games

This workshop is designed for riding instructors, and vaulting instructors and coaches who are looking for creative activities which challenge, educate and entertain the vaulters besides the vaulting compulsories. Most of these games can be adapted to specific needs and this workshop demonstrates how.         

What is Interactive Vaulting? 

Interactive Vaulting lessons include horsemanship activities, movement around, on and off the horse or barrel, and gymnastic positions while on the horse. The horse is specially trained and works in a circle on a lunge line at the walk, trot or canter. This dynamic environment offers educational, social, creative and movement opportunities.

This definition was created by the NARHA Interactive Vaulting committee and is based on the therapeutic vaulting concepts, developed by A. Kröger and C.Klüwer from Germany

The participants will learn about the prerequisites for a successful interactive vaulting lesson and how to incorporate the games during warm up, the focus of the lesson and cool down.

This interactive vaulting setting allows instructors to include vaulters with different abilities and challenges. Able-bodied and challenged or vaulters of different ages learn together and from each other. Even though the lesson occurs in a group setting, the goals can be individualized and adapted to each vaulter’s particular situation.