Interactive Vaulting, Centered Riding® and Yoga

It is the rider’s dream to become one with the horse. Riding without visible effort, overcoming mental and physical limitations, learning about horses and enjoying their company are the goals.

Unfortunately the reality does not always make it easy to fulfill our dreams. Many of us have limitations due to congenital conditions, accidents or traumatic experiences in our life which turn out to be serious road blocks on our way to become a skillful rider and/or compassionate partner to the horse.

Riding is as much about mental attitude as it is about physical ability. We need to learn to trust our bodies, overcome primal instincts and use resources like breath to our advantage.

This requires body awareness. How can we expect a horse to trust and follow us if we don’t know and/or trust our own body and ability? How come a 6 year old child with a clear intent can get a horse to follow her while the same horse will stop and refuse to go with an adult who is apprehensive and not sure about herself?

Gisela has been combining Interactive Vaulting with Centered Riding® and Yoga techniques while teaching children, teenagers at risk, adolescents and adults. She concentrates on creating awareness regarding the rider’s own body together with reading the body language of the horse. She helps riders/vaulters concentrate through teaching movement, creative positions – adapted yoga poses and vaulting elements – and relaxation exercises. This unique approach allows issues of balance, body awareness, confidence, trust, and fear to be addressed in a caring and supportive environment.